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Based in Launceston Tasmania, I have had dachshunds most my life. (I was born in the 60s).
Dachshunds are an important part of our family. As such they are inside and outside dogs. They sleep inside and have the freedom to go out into the backyard through a doggy door.  Lucy has her own space on the sofa.
Our last dachshund lived to the ripe old age of 18 years. After she died, we took a well earned, Queensland, dog free holiday. On return, my daughter decided we weren’t holiday people we were dachshund people. And the quest began to find a new dog. That search lead us to meet some lovely registered dachshund breeders and we finally settled on Lucy.
It was my daughters wish to become a registered breeder. Following her death I have found solace with Lucy and in breeding dachshunds.
Our first litter became part of my wedding.