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Why you should only buy a miniature dachshund puppy from a registered breeder

Purchasing a miniature dachshund puppy these days can be a minefield of problems. Avoiding scams and backyard breeders are just a few.

Here is why you should only purchase from a registered miniature dachshund breeder.

  • You actually get a miniature dachshund.
    If you purchase from a backyard breeder you can get anything. it could be cross with another breed entirely.
    Adult miniature dachshunds should wiegh less than 5kgs. I have met a number of people on walks, that claim their dog is a miniature when in truth, they couldn’t lift it of the ground and carry it, even a short distance.
  • You avoid getting an inbred
    Registered pups come with a pedigree which show 4 generations of the pups ancestors. Without this information you have no idea if your pup is the result of brother to sister, father to daughter, mother to son matings. This comes with genetic and health implications that can be expensive and life shortening.
  • You are avoiding getting scammed
    Scammers are abundant on the internet. No sooner then one page is shut down then another one pops up.
  • You are getting health checks
    Not just vet checks, but by carefully selected breeding breeders remove certain traits from the gene pool.
  • You get health guarantees.
    An ethical breeder will assist in the event of a health issue at least in the first year of a dogs life. They only want to breed healthy dogs.
  • You are forming a relationship with a breeder.
    Your breeder will be there for you. They should provide a care plan for your dog. Aside from you Vet they will be your go to person for advice.
  • A breeder will be responsible to the dog for life.
    In the event that you are unable to care for you dog at some point in the future, am ethical breeder will take back the pup, and be responsible for finding it a good home. As such a registered breeder does not contribute to the problem of homeless dogs in shelters.

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