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Beware of backyard breeders of miniature dachshund puppies

There are many reasons to avoid unregistered breeders here are just a few.

  • You don’t know what you’re getting.
    While the ad might say “Pure Bred Dachshund”, or “True Dachshund” there is no way of knowing. You could be getting a dachshund crossed with anything. You only have the backyarder breeders word that it is a truly a dachshund.
  • A registered dog is only permitted to be bred with dogs of its breed.It might not have been planned.
    A backyard breeder might just be an accidental breeder. That is, it might be somebody who neglected to get the dog desexed. Do you really want to support this kind of irresponsibility?A registered breeder physically separates male and female dogs, so that only carefully planned mattings occur when they are planned. this is also for the safety of both dogs as dogs can be injured during this time.
  • You could be buying an inbred dog.
    There is nothing to stop a backyard breeder from breeding brother to sister, mother to son, or father to daughter. You have no way of knowing this has not occurred. Implications of such a match cause genetic problems.A registered dog will come with a pedigree that lists 4 generations so you will know the identity of the pup’s father and mother.
  • You are supporting people who just breed for profit.
    The high prices for puppies has attracted some to purely breed for profit. This can result in dogs who are kept outside, or kept in cages, without socialisation or exercise.A registered breeder loves the breed. They put in the long hours, often without sleep, in order to raise the pups. They ensure the pups have regular vets checks and vaccinations. They will have a history of owning and loving dachshunds.
  • You open yourself up to scams.
    Nobody wants to lose their money to a scammer but sadly there are more scammers out there then there are registered breeders. With people desperate to find a beautiful dachshund they will often skip checks to safeguard themselves.

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