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How to spot a Miniature Dachshund Puppy Scam Ad

If you just typing miniature dachshund puppy into google, or for that matter Gumtree. you will get a page of scam advertisements.

So how do you tell a real one from a fake? Here are some easy things to spot straight away.

  • There are lots of dachshund puppies available in different colours
    Most registered breeders will only supply one or two colour types. For example, black & tan, or red, or shaded reds. If you see chocolates and dapples mixed in with the black & tans, or reds then it is a scammer.
    Ask yourself how on earth can a breeder have all these different colours of pups available at similar ages at the same time. They would have had to come from different mums (and dads), and would not have birthed at the same date.
  • There are lots of different sub breeds of puppies.
    Again most registered breeders will only need breed one type of dachshund puppy. For example, it will be a smooth hair, or a long hair, or a wire hair. It will be a miniature, or a standard. If the page lists many different types then is a scam.
  • The prices are too low.
    If the price is below $2000 then it is a scam. Typical scam prices are $800, or $1800. I think scammers feel this is a price where they can con people without them asking too many questions.
  • They only want contact by an email address.
    A registered breeder will welcome you into their home to inspect the pups, the mum, and dad if dad is available. If you can’t visit, then a video call via facebook will be welcome. While on facebook, you can check out, the life of the pups, the mum, the family selling the pups. If there is no history, then avoid.
  • The seller will not screen or interview you.
    An ethical breeder will ask you all sorts of questions about your home and lifestyle to determine if you will be a good fit for a miniature dachshund. After all an ethical breeder will accept the dog back if it doesn’t work out, so they want to ensure you and the dog are a good match.
  • Do a reverse image search on google for the pictures of the pups. If you find others using those pictures, beware.
  • The price might increase, after you have paid a deposit.
  • They screen shot the verification from the ANKC and send you that as proof they are a registered breeder, when they are not.

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