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Why miniature dachshunds are the best breed

  • They are cute.
  • Loving
    The listen while you tell them your troubles. Seriously, when pictures of my daughter (now deceased) are shown on the TV my lucy howls and cries. It sounds different to any other sound I have ever heard a dog make. Lucy misses Jasmine a great deal.
  • They give great cuddles
    At the end of a hard day, they are great for relaxing.
  • They are warm
    Nursing a dachshund on your lap will keep the winter chills away.
  • Minimum care
    Smooth hair types only (Sorry long hair fans)
  • Very smart
    They can be easily trained (if they want to be). Helps if there is food involved.
  • Great with children
    Dachshunds can be very tolerant of children. All the same it is no excuse to leave young children alone with any dog.
  • Can have lots of energy
    Great for exercise.
  • Good guard dogs
    From the other side of the fence or door miniature dachshunds sound like a much larger dog, a doberman for example.
  • Great personality
  • You get an extra cycle on your dishwasher

    Pre-wash lick cycle
  • You will never be lonely
    When you arrive home after having been out, or just come out of the toilet, they will greet you like you have been trekking the Andes.
  • They think they are human
    Wait. They aren’t?
  • Because they are too short to steal food off counters.
  • Did I mention they are cute?

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